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August 14, 2020

How-To Guide on Going to College on Zoom

While Georgetown University may be operating in a virtual environment this fall, you can still succeed in your Zoom courses. After surviving half a semester on Zoom myself, here are some of the tips I’ve found most helpful.  

Have compassion for yourself

We are all living through incredibly stressful times right now. Remember, this online learning environment is strange for everyone, including professors. If you find yourself struggling, show yourself warmth and kindness. Acknowledge that you’re adapting to an unprecedented situation and give yourself room to make mistakes. You made it to Georgetown for a reason, so have faith in yourself and know your worth.

Simulate a classroom environment

When taking an online class, we can all become distracted much more easily. To minimize distractions, put your phone in another room and silence all notifications on your computer. This simple step will help you succeed on assignments and assessments and potentially make Zoom classes seem a little more normal.

Separate your learning environment and personal space

Try not to do your schoolwork in the same place you engage in personal hobbies. Avoid attending class in your bed, and try to study at a desk or in another room, if possible. That way you can feel more focused when studying and then relax when you have logged off for the day. While we’re in a virtual environment, creating physical boundaries is more important than ever.

Make connections

Try to connect with your classmates even in this new and unfamiliar environment. Having even one person’s phone number from each class will be a huge help when you have a question about the course. Or, follow your classmates on social media so you can direct message them with any concerns. You will thank yourself later if you have a question when your professor isn’t available. Plus, you can look forward to meeting them when we’re all back on campus! 

Schedule time away from the computer

With all our classes in a virtual environment, Georgetown students will be spending hours in front of screens. Make sure you schedule time each day to log off and enjoy alone time. You don’t need to have your email open every minute of the day or check Canvas constantly; take time to relax and distance yourself from school. This habit will not only improve your overall mood, but will also allow you to feel more refreshed when you return to your studies. 

While these tips will certainly help you succeed this fall, prioritizing your physical and mental health is most important. When in doubt, do what’s best for you, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of any resources Georgetown has. We are all in this together! Best of luck with your first semester on the Hilltop. 

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