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August 13, 2020

Top Ten Social Accounts To Follow To Become a Hoya

Now more than ever, Georgetown University lives online. Though you might not be on campus this semester, you can use social media to integrate yourself into the community by keeping up with these accounts. The ten accounts listed here only scratch the surface of the Georgetown social media available, so always keep an eye out for new accounts popping up.

1. georgetown memes for non-comforming jesuit teens (Facebook group)

The meme group is an essential part of Georgetown life. Originally started as a spin-off of the popular Facebook group “Elitist Memes for Every Ivy League Teen,” the meme group offers hilarious commentary on Georgetown life and delivers light-hearted roasts of everyone from SFS students to University President John J. DeGioia (CAS ’79, GRD ’95). Moderators only accept proper original content memes, so you can rest assured only the best of the best are featured.

2. @deargeorgetown (Instagram)

Dear Georgetown is a “safe space for Black, Indigenous, and people of color to share their experiences,” according to its bio. The account shares the stories all Hoyas need to hear about being a person of color at a predominantly white institution. Dear Georgetown is part of a long history of student advocacy through social media, including past campaigns like @blacksurvivorscoalition and @actuallyholdgtownaccountable.

3. @thehoya (Twitter)

Shameless plug, but @thehoya is your one-stop shop for Georgetown news. The Hoya is the premier student newspaper at Georgetown and the largest student-run newspaper in Washington, D.C. Our Twitter account keeps you up-to-date on breaking news and informed about what’s happening on the Hilltop.

4. @georgetown.hotmess (Instagram)

Georgetown Hot Mess is the definition of “if you can’t change it, laugh at it.” Feel a little better about being virtual this semester by looking back at the archives of fighting rats and leaking ceilings, and look forward to submitting your own content when you eventually arrive on campus.

5. @GUSAssociation (Twitter)

The Georgetown University Student Association is Georgetown’s student government whose recently revamped Twitter is a collection of activism efforts, information about resolutions and the occasional playful meditation on campus news.

6. Overheard Georgetown (Facebook account)

Friend this account on Facebook and you won’t regret it. It shares the funny, ridiculous and sometimes outright upsetting things Hoyas hear on campus and over Zoom calls (One of our favorites: “Are you watching TikTok? No, this is Trump on C-SPAN”). If you have a particularly absurd classmate, feel free to send a submission of their best quote to get them their 15 minutes of (anonymous) fame. 

7. @gujackbulldog (Instagram)

Two words: Puppy Jack. The new JTB has officially taken over mascot duties for Georgetown, and @gujackbulldog is there to document it all on the cutest Instagram in the community.

8. @georgetownheckler (Instagram)

While The Hoya may be your go-to for serious campus news, Georgetown’s version of the Onion never fails to bring the comedy. Headlines such as “Rich Preppy Kids Found to be Sleeping Soundly After Donating $5 of Their Parents’ Money” are only the beginning of The Heckler’s poignant and hilarious commentary on Georgetown life.

9. @CasualHoya (Twitter)

Casual Hoya is the de facto leader of Hoya sports Twitter. Keep up with — or cry over — Georgetown basketball news with this account. You may be disappointed with the season, but you won’t be disappointed with Casual Hoya’s funny and insightful coverage. 

10. Buy, Sell, Barter: Georgetown University (Facebook group)

BSB is a private Facebook group similar to Facebook marketplace for Georgetown students where members buy and sell gently used items. Though we’re not on campus this semester, keep this group in mind for when you get to decorate your dorm room. It’s useful for stocking up on inexpensive essentials and a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle in college. If you need school supplies, extra dorm furniture or even a bike, BSB is your place. Pro tip: check in at the end of the school year for great deals on larger items students don’t want to take home or store.

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