The Freshmen Four: Village C

Village C

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post, you’re probably moving into what I consider the best freshman dorm at Georgetown, Village C West or East, in just a few weeks. Hopefully, you were just as excited as I was when I received my housing assignment two years ago. It’s going to be a good year but before you move into your new home there’s a few things you’ll want to know. Here, we’ll preview the rooms, amenities and community feel of the place you’ll soon call home.

The Village C complex is split into two buildings, Village C West and Village C East. VCW is further split into two wings: The Y wing on the southern end of the building (closer to New South and Leo’s) and the X wing on the northern end (closer to Harbin). VCE is technically the Z wing but nobody really uses that term. VCW is an all-freshmen dorm, while only the upper floors of VCE house freshman. Use the floor plan feature in Housing-at-a-Glance to determine which wing of VCW you’re in.

The Village C buildings are some of the taller on campus with up to ten floors, depending on the wing, though it doesn’t really seem like it because it’s built into a hill. (There’s a lot of those on the Hilltop.) The entrances of both buildings are actually on the fourth floor. Don’t worry if you’ve got a room on the first through third floors though — they still have windows.

Village C is, arguably, the best freshman dorm in terms of location, evidenced in its views of the back of Healy Hall and Dahlgren Quadrangle from one side and its sweeping vista of MultiSport Facility and the back end of campus from the other. It’s pretty close to many classrooms buildings like the ICC and the business school and, most importantly for freshmen, is adjacent to Leo’s. Its proximity to our favorite (and only) dining hall means you’re never more than a few steps away from a free (at least for you) meal with your floormates. Count yourself lucky — your fellow freshmen living in Darnall can’t say the same.

The most unique trait of Village C is that each room has it’s own bathroom. You probably remember your campus tour guide telling you that and quickly following with the warning: “But, that means you have to clean it yourself.” Don’t fret, the cleaning is not as bad as it might seem. Just remember, only two people are using the bathroom and it’s pretty small so it’s not too difficult to keep it clean.

A Typical Room

Almost every room in either the west or east buildings of Village C is the exact same. Each is a double and rectangular in shape. The corner near the door is occupied by the petite bathroom. In terms of furniture, each room has two bunkable beds, two dressers and two desks. The desks are attached to the wall below the window and have three drawers. The dresser has a deep drawer below the wardrobe part of it, as well as three small cubbies within the wardrobe. Additional furnishings include three small shelves attached to the wall, a set of hooks next to the door and a long, overhead shelf on one wall. The bathroom includes three wire shelves and a medicine cabinet.

For a more detailed look at typical measurements of the room and its furnishings, look here. If you’re curious about your own room, you can access specs and view the floor plan by clicking on the “See complete features list” link on your Housing-at-a-Glance page. Georgetown Admissions Ambassador Program has a video, found here, that gives a tour of a room in VCW.

Lounges, Laundry and Other Amenities

Each floor has a large common room that acts as a communal gathering space for the floor. These common rooms have a full refrigerator, stove, microwave and large sink. On the second floor of VCW (down the stairs that lead to Leo’s and the Southwest Quad) is Alumni Lounge, an events space for student groups.

The laundry room is located on the third floor of VCE. It’s pretty big so it’s usually not too difficult to snag a washer or dryer. Laundry is $1.50 per washer or dryer cycle for at total of $3 per load.

The 5X common room has a printer that you can pay for with your GOCard. The lobbies of each buildings have mailboxes for residents. The RHO, which handles package pick-up among other things, is located in the VCW lobby and serves both buildings.

The Community

Village C’s lack of communal bathrooms can, in some ways, contribute to a closed-off feeling on each floor. In addition, floors are smaller than many other freshman dorms so there can be fewer opportunities for friendship. At the same time, because the rooms are tinier than other dorm rooms, the common rooms, which are larger than  most, become good communal gathering areas. Most of my floor would congregate at some point throughout the day in the common room to do a little work or relax between classes.

All this contributes to the fact that you might have to put in a little extra work to find friends on your Village C floor. Prop open your door when you’re in the room during orientation. Spend time in the common room. If everyone stays holed up in your individual rooms, your freshman floor experience could suck. But, with a little effort, you’ll find some of your best friends in your neighbors.

Because floors are on the smaller side, an RA in Village C is assigned to two floors so your RA might live on the floor above or below yours. Each of the three wings of Village C have a chaplain-in-residence who hosts events regularly and are there as an additional support system. VCW and VCE each have apartments for their respective hall directors on the entrance floor.

What to Bring

Living in VCW or VCE, with its bathroom and lack of storage space, presents its own set of challenges. Think about getting these items in preparation for the year ahead.

1) Because you have your own bathroom (and no maid service), you’ll definitely want to bring along cleaning supplies, especially ones for bathroom surfaces. Clorox or Lysol wipes worked especially well for me as an all-purpose bathroom cleaner.

2) In the same vein, you’ll need to bring toilet paper. No need to explain this one.

3) While the bathroom does include a basic plastic shower curtain, you’ll probably want to get an outer shower curtain with some sort of color to brighten up the room.

4) Because it’s so small and doesn’t exactly have the best ventilation, the bathroom can get damp after showers. For that reason, I recommend getting some hooks so you can hang your wet towel outside the room to dry. Because nothing’s worse than drying off with a damp towel.

5) If you have a good amount of clothing that you’re bringing with you, definitely invest in some under-the-bed drawers. Remember, the dresser only has one drawer, and it’s not that big.

6) The room only has one overhead light so bring some other lights to brighten the room. String lights work well and scream college dorm room. Also, if you want to do any work at your desk, make sure you get a good desk lamp.

7) If you’re someone like me who can’t sleep with light in the room, you’ll want to get some thick curtains to block out either the morning sunrise or late-night lights from MultiSport Facility, depending on which way your room faces.

8) Lastly, if you’re placed in VCW, the laundry room is a bit of a hike across the patio to VCE. Get a sturdy hamper that’s easy to carry.

About the author: Ian Tice is a rising senior in the College. He called VCW 404 his home for his freshman year.

Main photo: Ian Tice/The Hoya
Room photos: Alexander Brown/The Hoya

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