The Four Houses

For the majority of incoming Hoyas who grew up reading Harry Potter, one of the most #basic Instagram choices during their first weeks on campus is a picture of Healy Hall with a caption alluding to Hogwarts. Beyond the visual resemblance to Hogwarts, there is another striking similarity Georgetown has in common with the magical world: The four houses of J.K. Rowling’s fantasy are not unlike Georgetown’s four undergraduate schools.

Georgetown College – Gryffindor

Much like Gryffindor’s stealing the show as the most prominent house in the series, the College is the most popular of the four schools. Many of its 47 majors and 49 minors are housed in Healy Hall, with its neo-Medieval architecture most resembling the towering battlements of Hogwarts. From philosophy to physics and much in between, the College encompasses the widest range of students, representing the greatest variety. And with its diverse set of requirements, the College encourages its students to be well-rounded in all subjects and skills. Freshmen often enter the College undecided on a major, displaying the courage of a Gryffindor in facing the unknown.

McDonough School of Business – Slytherin

Known for its pristine building, the Rafik B. Hariri Building, and “MSBros” in suits, the business school is full of students who study in style. As in Slytherin, students need to be especially cunning to thrive in the MSB — students need to beat the curve and survive accounting requirements, along with copious amounts of group projects. Meanwhile, their lack of classes on Fridays sometimes draws jealous side-eyes from students of the other three schools. Business students are ambitious, driven and often the epitome of professional success in the cutthroat world of business and finance.

Walsh School of Foreign Service – Ravenclaw

Clearly the Ravenclaws of the university, students in the SFS pursue degrees from one of the world’s most prestigious schools for international affairs. The school is home to eight majors and 18 certificates, including many with lengthy titles conveying a worldly air. Students pride themselves on their academics, surviving a 17-course core curriculum, achieving language proficiency and passing the infamous “Map of the Modern World” exam. SFS students also have the chance to learn from famous professors, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Classes in the SFS are where you are most likely to sit next to a future world leader – like former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68).

School of Nursing and Health Studies – Hufflepuff

Whether or not they pursue nursing, NHS students are known to be caring and kind. They are quintessential Hufflepuffs. The smallest of the four schools, the NHS has an overall focus on health and bettering lives. It includes four majors and six general courses all students complete. While it is sometimes called “the nursing school” to the chagrin of its members, its three other majors are global health, human science, and health care management and policy. The relatively small school is known for fostering the closest sense of community of the four schools, especially as its students attend classes in the far-off St. Mary’s Hall.


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