New Student Guide 2021

On-Campus Study Spots

Mason Leath

With the return of students to campus this fall, Georgetown University will once again fill with undergraduates toiling late into the night reading, writing and studying. However, with half of the student body being new to campus, navigating study spots is going to be a challenge for many. Luckily, we have compiled a guide to the most popular study spots on campus, so new students can find the perfect place to hammer out a growing to-do list.

Leavey Center

This student center is not only a great study spot but also houses many important spaces, including the campus bookstore, a bevy of student clubs and the Cawley Career Education Center. At the heart of it all lies Sellinger Lounge, an open room on the first floor composed of many comfortable tables and seating arrangements. Studying in Leavey also has the added benefit of many lesser-known, hidden gem study spaces. These include the Leavey esplanade, tables in the hallway next to Royal Jacket and Starbucks and even the light-filled area on the upper floor of the bookstore, by Uncommon Grounds.

Lauinger Library

As the main library on campus, Lau is obviously the quintessential Georgetown study space. Lau has six different levels and everything a student could need for a productive night of work. The second floor has a collaborative atmosphere and houses The Midnight MUG, the ideal place to grab a cup of coffee for the latest of late nights. The third floor is split in half; the left side is a “talking side,” while the Pierce Reading Room on the right side is a quiet study space. “Lau 4” is the most quiet study space on campus, and the fifth floor is where students can access the Booth Family Center for Special Collections (and an amazing view). In addition, Lau houses the Maker Hub on its ground floor for anyone needing to rent technological equipment or use a 3D printer. However, be warned that Lau’s brutalist architectural style and drab interior may leave the impression of being on set of “Stranger Things.” 

Hariri Building

Arguably one of the nicest and most modern buildings on the Georgetown campus, Hariri is chock full of great study spaces for all students, not just those in the McDonough School of Business. From the comfortable booths on the bottom floor to the penthouse colloquium room at the top, the building has incredible study areas at every level. Its authentic stone exterior complements the traditional style of Georgetown, while its eastern glass facade adds a touch of tasteful modernism to campus. Additionally, students can reserve private rooms for meetings and studying in Hariri through Georgetown’s room request system. 

Healey Family Student Center

Georgetown’s main student center was completed in 2014, and it remains one of the best study spots on campus because of its cozy, modern vibe and amenities. When the space was being constructed, the university solicited student input for its design, and the most requested service from the student body was, unsurprisingly, outlets. Now, the HFSC is littered with outlets every three feet, making it an ideal place to camp out with a computer. The HFSC is also noteworthy for its central fireplace, live plant wall and view of the Potomac. The building includes multiple dance studios, Hilltoss and Bulldog Tavern. 

Bioethics Research Library
Last but certainly not least, if you want to feel like a student at Hogwarts as you study, definitely check out the Bioethics Library on the ground floor of Healy Hall. This quiet study space is small yet grand, with large windows and long wooden tables that evoke a traditional library feel. Although the hours for the library are much more limited than other study spaces on campus, reading and studying here is like being transported to a different place and time, so it is the perfect spot to really focus.

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