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August 19, 2020

Finding Your Home on the Hilltop: Affinity Groups at Georgetown

Starting your college experience online can be intimidating, and you may be worried about all the unfamiliarity the first year of college brings. Fear not, as you can find a piece of home on the Hilltop through Georgetown University’s various cultural and religious affinity groups.

Despite the virtual semester, these groups will still allow you to interact with communities of Hoyas who share your experiences. For Hoyas who want to learn more about the diverse communities on campus, engaging with these groups can be a great start. Though these groups may be operating differently than past semesters, we hope to give you a good idea here about what you might expect.

Of course, the following list is in no way comprehensive, and there are many other groups in which you might find a home on campus. We do hope, however, that this list gives you a head start on considering which campus groups you might be interested in as you begin your Georgetown experience.

African Society of Georgetown

The African Society of Georgetown seeks to educate the Georgetown community on all affairs related to Africa and its various cultures. ASG holds a variety of events aimed at promoting a greater understanding of Africa throughout the school year, from its annual cultural showcase, Abissa, to its Fall Harvest dinners and discussions. Incoming students interested in ASG can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram @asgeorgetown and Facebook @AfricanSocietyGeorgetown.

Asian American Student Association

The Asian American Student Association aims to empower Asian American students and those interested in Asian American affairs at Georgetown by promoting dialogue and cooperation around Asian culture, political awareness, professional development and community building. Some of AASA’s most popular events include Fall Ball, the Asian Diversity Dialogue and Asiafest, as well as several storytelling circles and Taste of Asia culinary events throughout the semester. Incoming students interested in AASA can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram @georgetownaasa and Facebook @GeorgetownAASA.

Black Student Alliance

The Black Student Alliance works to create a sense of self-awareness, pride and community for Black students at Georgetown. BSA holds several discussion events throughout the school year, in addition to popular annual events such as the Visions Ball and Kwanzaa Dinner. Incoming students interested in BSA can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram @teambsa and Facebook @TeamGUBSA.

Georgetown Buddhist Student Association

The Georgetown Buddhist Student Association creates a space for Buddhist and non-Buddhist Georgetown students to learn about Buddhism and the practice of meditation. BuSA holds weekly meditation and mindfulness events throughout the school year. The group is part of Dharmic Life at Georgetown, and many of its events are led by Georgetown’s resident Buddhist nun. Incoming students interested in BuSA can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram @georgetownbusa and Facebook @GeorgetownBuSA.

Georgetown University Arab Society

The Georgetown University Arab Society promotes the understanding and celebration of the cultures, religions and history of the Arab world at Georgetown. GUAS holds several events aimed at increasing understanding of the Arab world throughout the semester, from Middle Eastern style dinner parties to podcast and movie screenings. Incoming students interested in GUAS can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram @guarabsociety and Facebook @GUArabSociety.

Georgetown LGBTQ+ Mentors and Resources

Georgetown LGBTQ+ Mentors and Resources is a preprofessional organization for LGBTQ+ students at Georgetown. GLMR offers a variety of resources and connections to help LGBTQ+ students succeed in their career journeys. Incoming students interested in GLMR can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Twitter @GeorgetownLMR and Facebook.

GU Pride

GU Pride is committed to providing support and resources for LGBTQ students to develop a sense of pride, self-worth, awareness and belonging in the community. GU Pride hosts several small social events throughout the year, in addition to bigger events such as Coming Out Day and Outober celebrations in Red Square and Lavender Graduation, which celebrates graduating LGBTQ and ally students. Incoming students interested in GU Pride can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram @gupride and Twitter @PrideGU.

Georgetown University Minority Association of Pre-Health Students

The Georgetown University Minority Association of Pre-Health Students is dedicated to increasing the number of culturally sensitive and socially conscious physicians by supporting underrepresented and underprivileged pre-health students at Georgetown. GUMAPS holds a number of discussion events and summits throughout the school year to increase awareness of ethnic health disparities worldwide. Incoming students interested in GUMAPS can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram @gu_maps and Facebook @gumaps.

Georgetown University MOSAIC

Georgetown University MOSAIC represents and empowers multiracial and multiethnic students at Georgetown by embracing their narratives. MOSAIC hosts discussions on the experiences of multiracial and multiethnic students throughout the school year, in addition to social events such as potlucks and movie nights. Incoming students interested in MOSAIC can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram and Facebook @gumosaic.

Georgetown University European Club

The Georgetown University European Club brings together Georgetown students interested in European culture, heritage and politics. The club holds several embassy visits throughout the school year, as well as more informal social events like study breaks. Incoming students interested in the European Club can contact them at [email protected] and follow them on Twitter and Facebook @GUEuropeanClub.

South Asian Society

The South Asian Society seeks to foster an understanding of South Asian culture for all students who are interested. The club regularly hosts social and cultural events, the largest of which is the annual Rangila dance showcase, which raises money for charity and includes more than 500 student performers. In 2019, the club hosted comedian Hasan Minhaj in a Gaston Hall event. Students can contact the SAS at [email protected] and follow their Facebook @gusouthasian

Muslim Students Association

The Muslim Students Association provides spiritual, educational and social programming for the Muslim student community on campus. MSA also works to engage and educate the larger Georgetown community on Muslim traditions. In addition to discussions about faith, MSA also hosts formal and informal social events. Incoming students can contact MSA at [email protected] and find them on Facebook @georgetownmsa.

Minority Pre-Law Association

The Georgetown Minority Pre-Law Association supports underrepresented pre-law students in their academic and professional pursuits. The club hosts professional development events and discussions on current law-related issues. In 2019, MPLA hosted the first Diversity in Law Conference, which was attended by pre-law students from all around the Washington, D.C. area. MPLA can be reached at [email protected] and found on Facebook @georgetownmpla.

Jewish Student Association

The Jewish Student Association fosters a community for students of diverse Jewish traditions on campus. In the past, JSA has hosted “Meet the Jews” events in which people share their experiences and traditions. JSA also hosts social events such as Bagel Brunches. To contact the JSA, students can email [email protected] and follow them on Facebook @GUJewishStudentAssociation.

Latin American Student Association

The Latin American Student Association provides a community for Latin American students on campus and aims to raise awareness about Latin American issues on campus. The club hosts speaker events and social gatherings, including freshman socials in past years. LASA can be reached at [email protected] and found on Facebook and Twitter @georgetownlasa.

The Latinx Leadership Forum, which includes LASA and many other Latinx groups on campus, further unites Hoyas who are passionate about Latinx culture and community. LLF can be reached at [email protected] and on Facebook @GULatinxLeadershipForum.

International Students Association

The International Students Association provides international students with academic, social and professional support on campus. The club also strives to expose Georgetown students to international cultures. ISA hosts frequent social events, including an annual Thanksgiving dinner. Events also include graduate panels and free professional headshots. Students can reach ISA at [email protected] or follow them on Facebook and Twitter @isageorgetown.

Hindu Students Association

The Hindu Students Association is a space where students can practice and explore Hindu traditions and spirituality. HSA hosts weekly Āratī as well as larger celebrations for Hindu holidays, including Diwali and Navarātri. There are also welcome events for both new and returning students. HSA can be contacted at [email protected] and found on Facebook @guhsa and Instagram @georgetownhsa.

GU Women of Color

GU Women of Color creates a social network for women of color, exploring the intersections of race and gender. The group actively supports women in pursuing leadership roles. Throughout the school year, the group hosts discussions and panels on race and gender issues, as well as social events such as movie nights. New students can reach them at [email protected] and follow them on Facebook @guwomenofcolor and on Twitter and Instagram @guwoc.

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