New Student Guide 2022

Best Study Spots

By Jared Carmeli

As students return to the Georgetown University campus for a new semester, the impending workload, replete with readings, papers and exams, looms. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of just some of the best study spots for students to spend their long days and late nights. 

Lauinger Library

Perhaps the most classic of all study spaces, Lauinger Library, colloquially known as “Lau,” is home to many students studying for exams or those hammering out a last-minute paper. While you enter Lau on the third floor, the main campus library comprises five floors, each of which has its own distinct characteristics. Lau 2, perhaps the best known floor of Lau, is where talking is allowed, and where you will find Midnight Mug, a location of student-run business The Corp. Midnight Mug is a great resource for a caffeine fix during those late night study sessions. Beware, though, of the “social” atmosphere of Lau 2, as it can be quite difficult to work amid all the noise (unless, of course, that helps you!). By contrast, Lau 4 and 5 are quite possibly the quietest places on Earth, so prepare yourself for some scary glances if you make any noise there. Students can also access the Booth Family Center for Special Collections on the fifth floor. Lau 3 exists somewhere in the middle, as it is split between a talking side and the Pierce Reading Room, which is a quiet study space for the latest of nights. Lau 1 is also home to the Maker Hub, which is the perfect spot for all those looking to use a 3D printer. Despite its fairly depressing aesthetic and architecture, Lau remains one of the quintessential study spaces on campus. 

Leavey Center

The Leavey Center is one of the best study spots on campus, as it contains not just plenty of room to work, but also several important spaces for students. These include the campus bookstore, Crop Chop salad shop, The Corp’s Uncommon Grounds, Starbucks and Royal Jacket — home to the best Diet Coke on campus! This main campus spot also includes many important resources for students, including the LGBTQ Center, Women’s Center and the Hoya Hub food pantry. At the heart of the Leavey Center, you will find Sellinger Lounge, a spacious room with plenty of tables and comfortable seating for students to do schoolwork. You should also make sure to take advantage of the Leavey Esplanade, the roof terrace located just outside of Uncommon Grounds. The Esplanade is especially appealing on warm days when you can soak up some sun and sit in the open green space. And don’t forget to come visit The Hoya’s office on Leavey 4!

Healey Family Student Center

The Healey Family Student Center (HFSC), one of Georgetown’s newest and most modern buildings, is an amazing study spot equipped with quiet and spacious study rooms, open seating in the Great Room and The Corp’s Hilltoss cafe. The building includes several dance studios, music rooms, a lovely fireplace and Bulldog Tavern, a restaurant and pub located in the HFSC, as well as all the outlets you can dream of. Whether it is playing pingpong in the middle of the room for all to see or sitting in a study room with friends, the HFSC is a great and relaxing place to be as the semester and workload get stressful. 

Intercultural Center (ICC)

The ICC is home to most language, government and economics classes, and is notorious for its confusing layout. Always make sure to leave a few minutes of extra time to scour the building for your classroom on the first day. After realizing that entering the building from Red Square lands you on the third floor, not the first, you will be able to appreciate the ICC as a great study spot for all students. The third floor has a spacious and quiet seating area located right next to The Corp’s More Uncommon Grounds (MUG). There are also plenty of empty classrooms to use in the evenings, and especially during finals, for some peace and quiet, and to study in a distraction-free zone. 

Starbucks on M Street 

While there is a Starbucks in the Leavey Center, the one on M Street has a special rustic charm with its exposed brick and artwork. This is my personal favorite off-campus study spot, especially early in the morning. Just a 10-minute walk from campus, this Starbucks is a great spot for you to do schoolwork and get outside the campus gates. For those of you who are always in need of some caffeine at arm’s reach, this is the place for you. Seating is somewhat limited, though, so make sure to get there early to snatch one of the sought-after tables! 

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