July 28, 2015

The 10 Social Media Accounts You Should Follow

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twitterFacebook and Twitter offer some of the best ways to stay connected (and distracted, when doing those Problem of God readings just don’t seem that appealing). If you follow and like the right pages and accounts over the summer, you can arrive at The Hilltop armed with the insight you’ll need to make a smooth transition to Georgetown life — and to stay in the know once you do arrive on campus.

10. The Corp (Facebook and Twitter) Throughout your time at Georgetown, you’ll probably get to know The Corp well. Whether you’re ordering your third Les Mis (a hazelnut and caramel latte) of the night at Midnight (the coffee shop on the 2nd floor of the library) or doing another late night run to Vital Vittles (the grocery store in the Leavey Center), Corp stores will become your go-to stop for nourishment. Following them will you keep you up to date with application information — in case you’re interested in getting hired — new products or discounts.

9. Georgetown Cupcake (Twitter) Although there may be contentious debate over what the best cupcake shop is on M (we’ll get to that argument soon), Georgetown Cupcake offers a daily secret cupcake. If you like or follow them, you’ll be privy to what the secret flavor is and you can get it for free if you request it by name. Sprinkles, which is a little further down M Street, has a similar discount system through their Twitter feed.

8. Hoya Blue (Twitter) Hoya Blue, the name for Georgetown’s student section at all sporting events (but most famously men’s basketball games) will remind you of when and where teams are playing, what free swag is available at the games and generally fill your newsfeed with a lot of school spirit. If you really love Georgetown basketball, follow Casual Hoya, too.

7. Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J. (Twitter) One of the things that make Georgetown unique from other universities is our Jesuit identity, and the Jesuits themselves are a fantastic resource on campus. Fr. O’Brien, a particularly beloved member of Georgetown’s Jesuit community, tweets not only about happenings on campus, but also accounts of his travels, great articles to read and other inspirational things.

6. Georgetown Heckler (Twitter and Facebook) Recently revived during these past year’s Georgetown University Student Association presidential elections, the Heckler puts a satirical spin on Georgetown news. In addition to their comical posts on Twitter and Facebook, they post full articles on their website.

5. Capital Weather Gang (Twitter) The Washington Post’s weather blog runs this Twitter feed that, with a little bit of sass, will always keep you updated on the weather in the District. When weather phenomenon is particularly exciting — say a hurricane or snow storm — they’ll tweet photos from around the city as well.

4. Jack the Bulldog (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) These accounts are the best way to keep up with the comings and goings of everyone’s favorite campus celebrity. Plus, you’ll never have to miss one of his adorable costumes.

3. Georgetown NSO (Twitter) NSO (New Student Orientation) will be your first introduction to the Hilltop when you arrive at Georgetown, so if you’re looking for updates on this week full of events, their Twitter account is the perfect place to find them.

2. The Four Schools (The College, SFS, MSB and NHS) Each of Georgetown’s four undergraduate schools has a Twitter feed, and it’s your go-to stop for news about alumni, school-specific events and other information you otherwise might miss out on. The university itself is on Twitter too.

1. The Hoya (Facebook and Twitter) OK, shameless plug here. The Hoya, Georgetown’s newspaper of record since 1920 and the largest student-run paper on campus, posts and tweets regularly about breaking news and going-ons around campus. You can also check out The Hoya Sports section to stay connected with athletic events and news. the guide is the resident lifestyle section and provides in-depth restaurant, movie, art and music reviews, as well as giving you a heads-up about events. The Hoya’s blog, 4E, covers everything from creative culinary ideas at Leo’s to accessible scientific explanations of daily phenomena. Following will make sure you’re in the know for every aspect of Georgetown life.

This, of course, is only the tip of the iceberg. Many clubs and extracurriculars, interesting professors, parody accounts and anonymous confession pages lie waiting for you to discover.

About the author: Kim Bussing is a senior in the College studying English. She is an aspiring cat lady.

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