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July 26, 2017

Study Spots

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The Georgetown campus and the wider D.C. area have many prime study spots to offer the college student. Whether you want to have a cramming session for finals in one of Georgetown’s more quiet and secluded study spots or get some work done on the weekend in a picturesque location, here are some of our picks for where to go.

On Campus

Bioethics Library
The Bioethics Research Library, located on the first floor of Healy Hall, is a beautiful and quiet place to get some studying done. The library houses the Kennedy Institute of Ethics’ extensive collection of research material and is a popular draw for researchers both on- and off-campus.The space also has plenty of tables and couches for students seeking an alternative to Lauinger Library.


White-Gravenor Hall is a great place to study during finals. You can take advantage of all theempty classrooms whether you’re studying solo or with a couple of friends. There are plenty ofopen chalkboards to use, and the seminar-style classrooms let you spread out your studymaterials across tables. With natural light coming in through its windows, White-Gravenorcertainly has an edge over the Intercultural Center, another accessible study spot. It might notseem like a huge added perk, but it’s better than losing track of whether it’s day or night whenyou’re cramming in a windowless ICC classroom.

Starbucks (Leavey Center)

When Saxbys is packed, the Leavey Center Starbucks is a great alternative. The inside boastsmultiple tables and armchairs and a warm, coffee shop ambience. If you’re lucky enough to findyourself overflowed with Starbucks gift cards after the holidays, there are few better places tospend an afternoon than the far hallway of the Leavey Center. 

Leavey Esplanade
When the weather is nice and the front lawn starts to fill up with students during spring finals,the Leavey Esplanade is a great place to stretch out on a blanket and get some sun while you’restudying. There’s plenty of open green space, and getting outside is a great way to break up thoselong days of studying and paper writing when the first few weeks of May roll around. And thenewly renovated Students of Georgetown, Inc. coffee shop Uncommon Grounds, with outdoorseating on the esplanade, promises to offer a great new study spot for those in need of coffee –and tables.
Lauinger Library

Lau 5
Another great place to do some reading is in the row of armchairs located right outside of thestairwell entrance on the fifth floor of Lauinger Library. Whatever the season, you get a greatview of Healy and the front lawn — a good alternative to boxing yourself into a cubicle or one of the private rooms that could too easily be mistaken for a jail cell. If you need a surface to writeon or study, you can spread out on one of the large, well-lit tables and really get some work done.

Off Campus

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is a great place to get some work done and get away from campus at thesame time. You can apply for a free reader card to access the famous Main Reading Room of theThomas Jefferson building by registering in the Madison Building right across the street.Whether you’re there to access the library’s massive collection for research or just do somehomework, the Reading Room is unbeatable. It is huge, beautiful, quiet and perfect for beingproductive — and snapping the perfect Instagram shot.

Kogod Courtyard

The Kogod Courtyard, connecting the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the NationalPortrait Gallery, is a beautiful open space perfect for getting off campus and doing some work onthe weekends. With its a huge overhead glass canopy, you get all the sunshiny benefits of beingoutside while still being protected from the elements. You can get a bite to eat at the CourtyardCafe and enjoy free Wi-Fi while you sit, making it a perfect midday spot to catch up on work,enjoy some prime people-watching and take inspirational study breaks wandering the galleries ofthe adjoining museums.

A Local Coffee Shop

For those of you that need a caffeine constantly within arm’s reach and a fresh view to keepfocused on your studies, get yourself off campus and settle at a table at a local coffee shop. Ifyou’re not feeling like taking a long trek, Saxbys is a good bet — though its often quite crowdedand loud. Otherwise, there is a spacious and bright Peet’s on M Street that is pleasant andaccessible. If you don’t have any work that requires internet access — or can’t get any work done without opening Facebook — Grace Street Coffee is an airy, cozy spot, and in a sharedcomplex with South Block Juice Co. and SundeVich if you need to get a snack.

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