May 19, 2014



Alexander Brown/The Hoya

Hello Class of 2020,

You’ve probably heard it a million times by now, but congratulations! You made it through extracurricular activities and community service, through SAT scores and college applications, through acceptance letters, rejection letters and commitment. You made it through half the summer and Georgetown is closer than ever. We’re here to help.

The New Student Guide is a magazine produced by The Hoya (Georgetown’s campus newspaper of record) during New Student Orientation and an online resource that helps freshmen and transfer students get acclimated to life on the Hilltop. You’ll be getting a print copy of the NSG magazine once you arrive on campus, but until then we’ll be keeping this website updated with the key insider-information you should know.

What are the differences between the four schools? What’s GUSA? How easy is it to explore D.C.? What’s a Georgetown party like? How hard is it to get involved with clubs on campus? We’ll answer all your questions and more over the next few months as we help you through one of the most exciting times of your life.

So click around. Explore the site. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. And most of all, enjoy the rest of your summer!



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